Welcome to Treatment Maps® Interactive

A Treatment Map® is a way of showing the process of psychotherapy for patients who have similar issues or diagnoses. It is also a way of organizing the information about treatment so that it matches the process of therapy for those patients.

The main goal of this site and its companion is to provide a treatment resource that we can all contribute to from our own experience and research and then refer to when we are working with patients and need immediate and relevant information.

Treatment Maps for several diagnostic categories appear on the Treatment Maps site. Click on this hyperlink to explore the site. You can also click on the following links to go to separate maps that contain  suggestions for treating a new patient, an anxious patient, or a patient with depression or alcohol issues.

The maps may appear complete, but they aren’t. If you explore them, you will discover many things that need to be changed.

The purpose of this site is to ask your help in making the Treatment Maps site more accurate, complete, and comprehensive. Please review the Treatment Maps site and contribute anything that will make it more helpful. Then make use of anything that helps you.

For more on contributing to the construction of the maps, go to the discussion page on this site.