New Patient

Working with a New Patient

The New Patient treatment map organizes the process of therapy in the earliest stages.

The map consists of four linked flow charts that connect common decisions and actions into a logical order for any patient you are likely to see. Each step in the process is linked to a section of text that explains your options and actions and indicates general ways you might carry them out. Blocks on the flow chart are numbered. Facing each flow chart is a descriptive page that includes links to each of the sections numbered on the flow chart.

Here are two links: one to the opening page, and one to the first flow chart. Use them to explore the map. Use the map as you need it, or recommend it to others.

The present section is about contributing your own experience and knowledge to the map. Please make general suggestions in the post that follows, and contributions to more specific issues in later sections.

For more on contributing to this and other maps, see the discussion page on this site. For more on the TreatmentMaps® site, follow the link to that site’s main page.